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PDMS Benefits

"Getting reliable and timely production data is an essential component of the governance of petroleum resources."

DataHorizon's Production Data Management System (PDMS) brings a range of benefits to the national governmental monitoring function:



For monitoring and surveillance:

  • Data that is up-to-date and timely
  • Secure transmission from Operators
  • Data that can be readily checked for consistency and accuracy
  • Data can be monitored in aggregate, or down to field or well level if required
  • At well level, data can be collected on well tests, to support proposed production rates.
  • Production reporting facilities, including export to Excel or other formats
  • Once finalised, data can be passed to royalty systems, and is archival, thus taking on its role as a National Data Repository for production data

For planning and forecasting:

  • Production data forms a long-term resource useful for future assessments of new fields
  • System can store development plans for new fields
  • Forecasts based on development plans
  • Forecasts and summaries at National level down through operator and field levels.

With additional PDMS modules:

  • Accurate data collection at export terminals, including liftings and stock levels, with secure transmission, and reporting facilities.
  • Collection of real-time data from export meters, tank levels, and other sources, to assist in surveillance, with website tools to review and download data.

The DataHorizon Focus
The key to the DataHorizon PDMS is that it is focused entirely on the needs of the engineers and staff of national regulatory authorities, for capturing and monitoring petroleum production data. It is not an adaptation of systems designed for Operator usage, but a system fully designed for its national purpose from the start.


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