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PDMS - Export Terminal Module

Combining Operational and Archival Capabilities

The add-on module for Export Terminal data capture provides comprehensive facilities for capturing data relating to inventories and tanker liftings.


Daily and Monthly Inventories

The systems can collect on a daily or monthly basis information on Export Terminal Inventories, down to tank level. On a daily basis, this means central national monitoring functions know the amount of exportable crude oil on hand. On a monthly basis, where measurements would normally be fiscalised, this then offers the opportunity for mass-balance calculations, in conjunction with lifting details.


Tanker Liftings

The system can record lifting details, for example ship name, destination, consignor, and tank or meter readings. In addition, it can be used to generate the Certificate of Quantity acting as the contractual definitive statement for the lifting.

The system provides for effective monitoring, in conjunction with recorded inventory levels.


Data Security

The program used at the Export Terminal requires two-factor authentication (password and hardware key), and data transmission to the central PDMS system and database is fully encrypted. 


Export Reports

 A range of reports are available, covering data from liftings and inventories.
All reports can be run within the Analysis 'workbench' and they can also be made available with web access as required.

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