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Production Data Management System -  Features

Combining Operational and Archival Capabilities

The core DataHorizon Production Data Management System (PDMS) includes these main components:

  • Portal program to enable submission of production data by Oil Companies
  • Secure and robust Data Transfer to the PDMS
  • Gateway to receive incoming production data
  • Relational Database to store production data for Operational needs, and to store permanently as a National Data Repository (NDR) for Production data
  • Production Reporting Facilities
  • Website for selective reporting facilities



Portal program for data submission

The Portal program is installed at the offices of the Oil Company operating oil fields. The Portal can be installed on any PC with internet access, but to use it requires two-factor authentication: a hardware USB key, as well as conventional username/password checks.
Smaller companies can key data directly into the Portal, but larger companies with many fields will prefer to load data to the Portal from their own oilfield management systems, eg. Energy Components®


Secure and Robust Data Transfer

As with other critical systems using the Internet, like finance and banking, data is fully encrypted, using Microsoft's advanced transmission standards ('SOAP').

The Portal can transmit the data over relatively poor communications, and can be set to periodically retry transmission, until communications are restored.


The Gateway

At the PDMS data center, the Data Gateway handles all incoming data, checking for authenticity and validity, then storing to the database.

Like the Portal software, the Gateway is written using Microsoft's .Net architecture for resilience and maintainability.


The National Petroleum Production Database

At the PDMS data center, the centralised database holds all submitted data, along with auditable details of the submissions. The data is structured to be capable of holding well-level data and reservoir-level on a monthly basis, including details of production, injection, and characteristics like GOR and water cut.

The database can use Oracle or SQL Server, and can be installed on existing hardware or on dedicated PDMS hardware.

The immediate value of the data is for Operational needs, assisting regulators to monitor National production, and to support planning and control.

The long-term value of the data is as a permanent data resource, ie. a National Data Repository for Production data.  Data can be 'locked' at various stages from submission, to a final 'archive' status.

Some National regulators will already have a National Data Repository (NDR) holding seismic and well data. The DataHorizon NDR solution for production data is an ideal addition, and provides archive-quality production data, and the option for real-time production data gathering.


Production Reporting and the Website

A range of reports is available to report production data from the database.  In addition, there are functions to export data in a format suitable for Excel, for further analysis.

The Website contains a number of audit pages, where submissions can be checked. It also includes a selection of production reports.  Users can be authorised to access only selected data, and in fact one important feature is that each Oil Company can be given access solely to their own data, for confirmation of successful submission of data.



DataHorizon's PDMS is a powerful and tested product, and is in operation right now, collecting production data from major Oil Companies for a national regulatory body. If you think it could add value to your own regulatory activities, then contact us to find out more.


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