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PDMS - Real-Time Module

Combining Operational and Archival Capabilities

The DataHorizon systems can capture any form of real-time data at the Oilfield, or at export Terminals, or from Oil Company in-house systems. We can retrieve it back to the PDMS data center, and make it available to authorized personnel through powerful web technologies.

Types of data that can be processed include:

  • Storage Tank levels and Flow Meter Rates
  • Well Pressures and Temperatures and Process Instrumentation


Storage Tank levels and Flow Meter rates

The systems can collect sampled real-time data, from a range of interfaces, like Modbus or OPC, and pass this back to the PDMS database. This can provide a useful adjunct to other monitoring and surveillance data. Flow rates can also be derived from cumulative volume gauges, for example FPSO export meters.


Well Pressures and Temperatures and Process Instrumentation

Well data, including downhole and wellhead pressures and temperatures, can be useful for surveillance at the well-level. For example it can be valuable to monitor the state of important wells, so as to avoid long-term damage from short-term over-production.

Data can be collected from any process equipment or instrumentation that has an interface.  Typically, of the many process points at an oilfield installation, 10 to 20 critical tags might be monitored, and passed back to the data center.  These are likely to include for example flowlines and test separators.


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