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Product Benefits

"Getting data from a permanent gauge to the surface is only half the battle.  Getting the data, in a usable form, from there to the reservoir engineer's desk is the other half."

DataHorizon brings a range of benefits to the reservoir engineer and to the production organization:



For the reservoir engineer, it means:

  • A high level of recovery of data from permanent gauges
  • A range of 'real-time' data displays, which can be customized, accessible from any location worldwide
  • High-resolution 'cleaned' data, with errors detected and corrected
  • The data can be viewed on-screen, or downloaded for further analysis with specialized software, eg. for interference analysis.
  • Identification and indexing of key events in the data, in particular pressure buildups after operational shut-ins
  • An archive of historical data that can be accessed as needed

For the production organization, additionally it means:

  • Freedom to choose any supplier of instrumentation or subsea or surface equipment, knowing that the data can all be recovered and presented consistently, and in the desired format
  • Reduction in the need to place staff (at great cost and inconvenience) in remote locations or offshore.

Our Focus
The key to the DataHorizon service is that it is focused on the needs of the reservoir and production engineers.  This ensures that the data delivered is cleaned, indexed and delivered precisely to meet these needs


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