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Gulf of Mexico

In 2004, we commenced a data collection service for a group of platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.

A DataHorizon computer is located on each platform, and is linked to master control stations and other data sources.  Each offshore computer continuously sends back data, providing a 'snapshot' of the data on the web site every 15 minutes, as well as building the high-resolution database underpinning the web site.

In Texas and Louisiana, reservoir engineers can access both the snapshot data, and the full archive of detailed data, through a variety of web-based screens.  The initial data sources included downhole data, wellhead data, and Distributed Temperature Sensors (DTS), and onshore engineers have this data accessible, within minutes of its occurrence.  Further data sources now on-stream include separator and process data, as well as data for monitoring environmental variables, structural integrity and platform stability.

This system is currently in full operation, and is being expanded in step with the development of the offshore oilfields.


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