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"Imagine accessing your reservoir and production data securely through your intranet browser with powerful, easy to use graphing tools. The DataHorizon CHESSView system integrates seamlessly with a corporate PI data management system to combine the power of a PI database with the versatility and features of the DataHorizon CHESSView interface."

CHESSView incorporates advanced caching technology to provide an integrated web-based viewing solution for reservoir and production data inside the corporate firewall whilst minimizing the impact on the production database. CHESSView can be used with any OLEDB database (e.g. PI, Oracle, etc.)

CHESSView includes sophisticated graphing and data viewing tools as well as downloading, monitoring and collaboration tools. CHESSView allows easy access for users to quickly check the status of equipment in the field, download summary data for selected parameters for the life of the field or to scan data for important events that require detailed technical analysis.


Web-based facilities include:

  • Easy to use graphing and data download
  • Equipment schematics showing latest data values
  • Multi-level field maps
  • Customized hierarchical data organization
  • Event cataloguing for data download and collaboration
  • Multi-language capability
  • Data snapshot showing latest values from all tags or a filtered list
  • File or document upload capability
  • DTS Viewing Tools
  • Reservoir analysis tools (Horner plot, Log-log plot)

For the Reservoir Engineer, it means:

  • Data over a very long period (even years) can be surveyed, very rapidly, in seeking pressure build-ups or other key events in the data
  • Summary values (eg hourly or daily) are immediately available to download to Excel and reservoir software
  • Graphing for periods more than a few days is handled entirely from the cache, so is fast, and has no impact on the PI server.
  • CHESSView can input, store and display data from other sources, alongside data from PI, including for example: Data from Distributed Temperature Sensors (DTS),  Forecast data for tidal height, Data from Oracle, SQL Server, or other data sources, where not desirable or practicable to copy into PI.
  • CHESSView was designed for the upstream oil & gas industry: Graphing can present pressure build-ups as a log-log derivative plot, or a Horner plot, and Pressure build-ups or other key events can be indexed in the database, and can be rapidly reloaded for viewing/download.
  • CHESSView is web-based using Internet Explorer, so engineers can access the facilities anywhere on the Intranet, or externally through a VPN or secure gateway. There is no software for the user to install and the latest version is always in use. There is no limit on number of users.

For the IT department, it means:

  • The system is hosted on a dedicated and secure server on the customer’s premises, with remote support from DataHorizon
  • Engineers can have great tools for exploring and viewing data, with minimal impact on the PI server or other data sources
  • All access to the PI server is read-only, so there is no possibility of altering/deleting the PI data
  • The ChessView cache is built and maintained automatically as a background task.
  • Engineers can be given access to non-PI data sources, avoiding the need to maintain duplicate data in PI.

For more information
ChessView uses underlying technologies that have been tried and tested over a decade with our regular services, delivering data from remote locations to oil company engineers through the internet. If you think ChessView could add value to your own historian-based data, then do contact us if you wish to know more.
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