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The Range of Data Handled by the Systems

DataHorizon - Adding Value to Remote Data

The DataHorizon systems can capture any form of data at the oilfield, retrieve it back to the processing center, and make it available to authorized personnel through web technologies on company intranets or through the internet.
Types of data that can be processed include:

  • Downhole Pressure and Temperature
  • Wellhead Pressure and Temperature
  • Process Instrumentation
  • Flow Rates
  • Distributed Temperature Sensors (DTS)
  • Environmental, structural integrity and stability monitoring


Downhole/Wellhead Pressure and Temperature

The systems can collect raw gauge frequency data, and convert to engineering units, or receive converted units directly from other facilities.


Process Instrumentation

Data can be collected from any process equipment or instrumentation that has an interface.  Typically, of the many process points, 20 to 30 critical tags will be monitored, and passed back to the processing center.  These are likely to include for example flowlines and test separators.


Flow Rates

Flow-rate data from flow gauges can be collected.  Flow rates can also be derived from cumulative volume gauges.  The calculations for this can be performed in the DataHorizon oilfield systems, and the results passed back to the processing center. 


Distributed Temperature Sensors (DTS)

 The high volumes of data from fiber-optic based DTS are a challenge to data management, and in providing fast intuitive access through web technologies. DataHorizon has developed subsystems optimized for DTS, which can deliver high-speed graphical presentations of data to the end-user.


Environmental, structural integrity and stability monitoring

Real time data transfer and accessibility can significantly increase response time and facilitate collaboration to assess the impact of unexpected events such as hurricanes on the structural integrity of offshore facilities. 

DataHorizon is a tried and tested product, and is in operation right now, delivering data from remote locations to oil company engineers.  If you think it could add value to your own data, then check out the benefits, and try our demonstration.  Do contact us if you wish to know more.


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