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Product Features
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DataHorizon - Adding Value to Remote Data

The regular DataHorizon service includes these main components:

  • Oilfield Systems
  • Communication Link
  • Processing Center
  • Your Desktop

But if your data is already gathered centrally, to PI or some other database, look at our ChessView system
for how you can still use the same power tools to
access your data.


Oilfield systems

These systems provide the interface to your instrumentation and equipment on-site.  Our software handles a range of interfaces (OPC, Modbus, etc.), and adapts readily to the specifications of your equipment vendors.

Where an onshore field has several wells spread over a local area, we would normally use wireless communications to feed the well data to the oilfield computers at a central field office location.

The on-site computers collect the data, and store it ready for transmission to the processing center.  One installation can handle all the instrumentation for your field, including permanent well gauges and process equipment.


The Communication Link

We can normally utilize your existing communication links, but we can also set up an independent satellite link if needed.


The Processing Center

Our systems, in the processing center at DataHorizon offices, trigger the transmission of data from the field, with a timing set to make optimum cost-effective use of the communication link.  This is usually a combination of small packets of 'real-time' data, for an immediate snapshot, together with off-peak high-resolution data for more detailed analysis.

Our staff at the processing center provide a 'care and maintenance' role for your data.  As well as providing full security and backup, we also review the incoming high-resolution data for completeness and consistency, and check for unusual events (like buildups), which we index on the web page, for your attention.


Your Desktop

The 'real-time' data is available on your desktop using a conventional web browser, with secured access.  It offers the data in a variety of formats, including interactive graphs and maps.  From your PC, you can also view the high-resolution data in the same way, or download it for analysis with your own software.  The transmission of data through the internet is fully secured, and we can also link directly to your corporate network.

Using internet access, there are no limits on where you are able to access from.  You can use your desktop in the office, and your laptop computer in a hotel room, or at the oilfield location itself.  What is more, you can readily enable access to others, where needed, for example partners in the oilfield development, and government or state agencies.


DataHorizon is a tried and tested product, and is in operation right now, delivering data from remote locations to oil company engineers.  If you think it could add value to your own data, then check out the benefits, and try our demonstration.  Do contact us if you wish to know more.


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